66.11 RUSSIAN DEMANDS: If Bessarabia has been obtained by Russia as a Nazi-Soviet Pact concession, Russia may demand territorial concessions from Rumania during the diplomatic phase of any Russian player turn, provided the Axis do not control any Rumanian hexes, regardless of the current RGT level.

In classic A World at War, the Nazi-Soviet Pact has been signed and Bessarabia is on the Russian side of the Pact Line, so Russia may demand Bessarabia.

66.12 RUMANIAN RESPONSE: Russian demands on Rumania trigger an immediate diplomatic die roll for Rumania, which, along with the normal consequences of the diplomatic result, determines the Rumanian response to the Russian demand for Bessarabia:
A. RUMANIA COLLAPSES: On a Rumanian diplomatic result of 0 or less, in addition to gaining control of Bessarabia, Russia gains five Rumanian BRPs (0), ten Rumanian BRPs and control of the Rumanian hexes (-1), Rumanian association (-2) or Rumanian alliance (-3).
B. RUMANIA MAKES LIMITED CONCESSIONS: On a Rumanian diplomatic result of 1-2, Russia gains control of Bessarabia, no war breaks out between Russia and Rumania, and Russian units may freely enter Bessarabia.
C. RUMANIA CONSULTS BERLIN: On a Rumanian diplomatic result of 3-7, Rumania may choose to resist the Russian demands. If it does, a Russo-Rumanian border war breaks out, without the need for a formal Russian declaration of war costing 10 BRPs and without any effect on the USAT level. The German player decides whether Rumania resists or concedes Bessarabia to Russia.
D. RUSSIA BACKS DOWN: On a Rumanian diplomatic result of 8 or greater, Germany obtains hex control, association or alliance, implementing the resulting RGT increase, and Russia must abandon its demand for Bessarabia.
E. LESSER RESULT MAY BE TAKEN: On a Rumanian diplomatic result of 8 or greater, the Axis have the option of taking a lesser diplomatic result for Rumania and having Rumania either fight a border war or concede Bessarabia to Russia.
66.13 DEMAND AND RESPONSE MUST BE IMPLEMENTED: Once Russia makes territorial demands of Rumania, the Rumanian response must be determined by a diplomatic die roll for Rumania and implemented accordingly. Russia may not withdraw its demands until the Rumanian response has been determined.
66.14 BESSARABIA: Bessarabia consists of the five Rumanian hexes east of the eastern front boundary line and is worth five BRPs.

66.21 RUMANIAN DEPLOYMENT: If Russia engages in a border war with Rumania for Bessarabia, all Rumanian ground units must deploy in Bessarabia and at least two Rumanian infantry factors must deploy in each of Cernauti and Kishinev.

In classic A World at War, all eight Rumanian ground units must deploy in Bessarabia and one 2-3 Rumanian infantry unit must deploy in each of Cernauti and Kishinev.

66.22 RESTRICTIONS ON RUSSIAN UNITS: During a border war, Russian units are subject to the following restrictions:
A. Russian units may enter Bessarabia, but not Rumania proper.
B. Russian ZoCs do not extend into Rumania proper.
C. The Rumanian air factor may not be counteraired unless it is based in Bessarabia.
66.23 FIGHTING A BORDER WAR: Rumanian units may attrition and/or conduct offensive operations at no BRP cost during a border war, but may not enter or attack into Russia. Winter effects do not apply to a border war between Russia and Rumania for Bessarabia (34.32C).
66.24 ENDING A BORDER WAR: A border war between Russia and Rumania ends when either side renounces its claim to Bessarabia at the start of its player turn or if Russia controls all of Bessarabia at the end of a Russian combat phase.
66.25 RENOUNCING A CLAIM TO BESSARABIA: Either Russia or Rumania may renounce its claim to Bessarabia only at the start of its player turn (EXCEPTION: 66.28).
A. After Russia has completed its player turn following its demand for Bessarabia, Rumania may either renounce its claim to Bessarabia at the start of its turn or continue fighting, taking an independent player turn at the same time as the Axis. This procedure is repeated for the duration of the border war, with each country announcing its decision to continue or to yield at the start of its turn.
B. Rumania is deemed to have renounced its claim to Bessarabia at the start of the Axis player turn, prior to the diplomatic phase, if it is has no units in Bessarabia and is unable or unwilling to move any units into Bessarabia in that turn. If Rumania continues to fight a border war, it may not withdraw units from Bessarabia.
C. If Rumania renounces its claim to Bessarabia, the border war ends, no Rumanian offensive or attrition combat takes place in that turn, and Russia takes control of Bessarabia.
66.26 EFFECT OF RENUNCIATION: If either side renounces its claim to Bessarabia, it may not conduct any attacks against enemy units during that turn and any of its units which remain in Bessarabia at the end of its player turn are eliminated. If Russia renounces its claim to Bessarabia, it may later renew its claim and make a second demand and possibly fight a second border war.
66.27 RECONSTRUCTION OF RUMANIAN UNITS: Once a border war with Russia breaks out, Rumania may rebuild one infantry unit each turn. This process continues each turn, even if the border war has ended, and all Rumanian units remain on the board and are controlled by the German player. (EXCEPTION: If the Axis declare war on Rumania after a border war, the British player redeploys the Rumanian units which are on the board).
66.28 EFFECT OF GERMAN CONTROL OF RUMANIA DURING A BORDER WAR: If Rumania and Russia are fighting a border war and Germany gains control of Rumania diplomatically (a diplomatic result of "8" or greater for Rumania), and if neither side immediately renounces its claim to Bessarabia, then the provisions of 85.341 apply. Germany either must declare war on Russia to preserve the diplomatic result or pick a lesser result.

66.31 CONQUEST: Bessarabia is conquered when all five Bessarabian hexes are controlled by the conquering major power.
66.32 BESSARABIA AS PART OF RUMANIA: If Russia conquers Bessarabia, the eastern front boundary line becomes the new Rumanian frontier and the remainder of Rumania is worth 10 BRPs. Should the Axis later reconquer Bessarabia, it is reincorporated into Rumania and Rumania is restored to its full value of 15 BRPs if Rumania is associated with or allied to the Axis. If Rumania is neutral when Bessarabia is reconquered by the Axis, Bessarabia is treated as an Axis conquest worth five BRPs until Rumania associates or allies with the Axis. If Russia later conquers the rest of Rumania, Rumania and Bessarabia remain separate until a later Axis reconquest of both. If Bessarabia is unconquered by Russia when Germany and Russia go to war, it remains part of Rumania permanently and it may not be entered by Russia without a separate declaration of war against Rumania unless Rumania comes under Axis control.

66.41 RUSSIAN ATTACK ON RUMANIA PROPER: Russia may only attack Rumania proper if allowed to do so by the RGT level. An attack on Rumania proper requires a declaration of war costing 10 BRPs. If Russia attacks Rumania before it has occupied Bessarabia, Rumanian units may set up in Bessarabia.
66.42 Rumania does not automatically associate with Germany unless Russia declares war on Rumania proper.